About Us

About Us

Global Health Promise’s mission is to improve the health of mothers in sex work and their children. To reach our vision and fulfill our mission we focus on research, service, advocacy, and strategic partnerships.

We envision a world in which the mothers who are sex workers and their children receive all the services they need, are protected from discrimination and stigma, and have full enjoyment of all their human rights.


Good programs and policies are based on data and research. Global Health Promise (GHP) listens to the unique lived experiences of mothers who support their children through sex work, a demographic that spans across continents, who have historically been overlooked by public health research.

By mobilizing relationships with local providers that help these mothers with basic needs, childcare, and alternative employment opportunities, GHP engages mothers who support their children through sex work to understand and quantify the immense, global need for help. Our ultimate goal is to identify and quantify the needs of these mothers and their children in order for our local partners to be best equipped to deploy strategic and timely support to these families, and work to prevent mothers from having to enter sex work in the first place. 


Global Health Promise puts research into action through service projects at our partner sites around the world. Initiatives vary widely and are tailored to the needs of the local community. Our research has helped fund alternative income opportunities for women to build the skills necessary to transition out of sex work. Global Health Promise’s research has funded prenatal and ongoing maternal healthcare, disaster relief, food distribution events, and more recently, led to the development of a school in Uganda that provides safe refuge for the young children of sex workers. Through service programs and local partnerships with community providers, Global Health Promise builds resilient and strong local programs that are working to help those in need.


Global Health Promise works to increase awareness about the challenges faced by mothers in sex work and their children. GHP works to influence policies that protect mothers and their children at the local, national and global levels. In the past year, GHP has successfully advocated for vaccine equity for female sex workers through outreach to global entities, including the WHO, COVAX, Gavi, and UNICEF. We work with US-based organizations including the CDC and USAID. Our global sex worker organization partners include Global Network of Sex Work Projects, the European Sex Workers Rights Alliance, and the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers. We also partner with the national and local governments of our local partners in Africa, Asia, and Central and South America./span>

Strategic Partnerships

Global Health Promise wants to back programs that are rooted in data, that are sustainable, and that involve collaborating with our global community. GHP fosters and builds strong relationships locally, nationally, and globally to advance work that supports the health of mothers in sex work and their children. Our network of partners includes medical providers, community-based organizations, NGOs, government agencies, professional associations, sex worker organizations, and others engaged in our shared vision for a healthier world. Additionally, GHP is a member of the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH), hosted by the WHO. Click Here to learn more about our partners.