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Global Health Promise

Helping mothers who are trafficked or in sex work and their children.
Click here to help moms and their children impacted by the pandemic>>


Welcome to the home of Global Health Promise, an organization dedicated to assisting mothers who are trafficked or in sex work and their children. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our vision, our mission, and our work on behalf of these mothers and children.

We believe — All pregnant women have a right to quality antenatal care and safe delivery. This includes every pregnant female sex worker.
All children have the right to health, education, safety, and food. This includes every child of every mom who is a sex worker.


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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Our EIN/Tax ID #47-4355802.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision — We envision a world in which mothers who have been trafficked, mothers who are sex workers, and their children, receive all the services they need, are protected from discrimination and stigma, and have full enjoyment of all their human rights.

Our Mission — Our mission is to improve the maternal health of mothers who are trafficked or in sex work and the health of their children.

To reach our vision and fulfill our mission we focus on research, service, and advocacy.



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Help moms and their children impacted by the pandemic

Food for moms and their children impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic
We are working with our local partners to get food to moms who must feed and care for their children through sex work but who cannot get enough food due to lockdowns in countries throughout Africa. In in the best of times, many of these single moms, most of whom are widowed or abandoned and have no other way to feed their children, struggle to provide food for their children. Many of these children already suffer from malnourishment. This is in addition to other health problems they experience, including malaria. Without food, many of these children will die.

Help us help these moms and their children.
Please donate generously so we can provide funding to our local partners who will get food to the moms and their children.
Thank you.


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The deaths of moms in Kisumu, Kenya


Face Mask Project to Support Moms and Their Children in Kampala, Uganda

A Conversation with Brian Willis from Global Health Promise

A Better Place Podcast with Lex Hernandez
October 2020

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in building healthy communities by providing research, services and enabling people to work together for the common good. Global Health Promise helps trafficked mothers and their children worldwide. Learn how you can help them reach their goal of promoting the health and human rights of mothers who are sex workers, and her children.

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Listen to "A Conversation With Brian Willis From Global Health Promise" on Spreaker.