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Empowering mothers who are trafficked or in sex work and their children.



Welcome to the home of Global Health Promise, an organization dedicated to assisting mothers who are trafficked or in sex work and their children.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our vision, our mission, and our work on behalf of these mothers and children.

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Our Vision — We envision a world in which mothers who have been trafficked, mothers who are sex workers, and their children, receive all the services they need, are protected from discrimination and stigma, and have full enjoyment of all their human rights.

Our Mission — Our mission is to collaborate with partner organizations for the provision of maternal and child health services and social services, as well as the promotion of human rights, for mothers who have been trafficked, sex workers who are mothers, and their children.

To reach our vision and fulfill our mission we focus on research, service, and advocacy.

Together We Can Empower Mothers And Their Children.

Global Health Promise is committed to uplifting those who identify as mothers in sex work and their children across the world. We engage in community-centered practices to research, advocate, and provide direct programs to elevate the maternal, neonatal, child, and adolescent health issues faced by this vulnerable population. We partner with sex worker organizations and NGOs to support and empower all mothers in sex work.
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Listen as our Global Policy Advisor Wendy Macias-Konstantopoulos speaks to NPR about
“The invisible lives — and deaths — of the children of sex workers”

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2024 Publication Releases

The children of female sex workers experience health risks based on challenging circumstances and the unique conditions to which they are exposed. Little is known about the causes, thereby severely limiting an effective public health response to the needs of this high-risk group of children.

This publication discusses how the causes of death are preventable with improved protections.

2023 Publication Releases

The preventable burden of mortality from unsafe abortion among female sex workers: a Community Knowledge Approach study in eight countries (2023) was just released by Global Health Promise in collaboration with our partners.

This publication addresses the urgent need for access to deliver comprehensive and reproductive healthcare to this vulnerable population.

2022 Publication Releases

Causes of mortality among female sex workers: Results of a multi-country study (2022) was released in September 2022 by Global Health Promise in collaboration with our partners.

This publication is the largest study on deaths of mothers in sex work ever conducted, and is also the first multi-country study, including countries on three continents.


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