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Maternal Health Care Fund

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Our maternal health care fund supports mothers in sex work who are pregnant to get antenatal care; covers their in-hospital delivery fee of their newborn, the cost of compulsory supplies required by the hospitals (incl. antiseptic, sterile gloves, etc.), childcare, and transportation to/from the hospital; and postnatal care. It costs an approximately $490 for one mother to have comprehensive maternal health care for the duration of their pregnancy.

Food Distribution Fund

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Our food distribution fund supports mothers in sex work and their children who experience severe food insecurity and do not otherwise have access to food sources. Food insecurity is a primary driver for why mothers enter sex work. It costs approximately $127 to feed one mother and her child, and $53 for each additional child in the household.

Education Program for Children of Sex Workers Fund

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Our Education Program for Children of Sex Workers fund supports the children of sex workers who experience discrimination and/or are trafficked and/or abused due to their identity as a child of a sex worker. This fund helps to accommodate the creation of alternative schools for children of sex workers, pays for boarding school fees for adolescent daughters of sex workers to eliminate instances of sex trafficking, and supports the protection of children from abusive situations, such as through helping to relocate them from brothels and into safer environments.

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