Partner Organizations

Global Health Promise is working in partnership with the following organizations to improve the health of mothers in sex work and their children.

Partner Organizations are listed alphabetically below:

Acção de Solidariedade e Saúde Comunitária (ASSC)

Location: Angola

Acção de Solidariedade e Saúde Comunitária is a non-governmental organization for Angolan rights, founded in 1995.

Action Humanitaire pour la Santé et le Développement Communautaire (AHUSADEC)

Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Action Humanitaire pour la Santé et le Développement Communautaire (AHUSADEC) works primarily with sex workers and their clients. Their mission is to cooperate with the Congolese National Police to for the local protection of sex workers as well as having a team of peer educators to help with the prevention of HIV/AIDs.

African Sex Workers Alliance (AWSA)

Location: Kenya

African Sex Workers Alliance is a pan-African alliance of sex worker led groups which aims to improve the health and human rights of female, male, and transgender sex workers. ASWA was formed in 2009 and is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Bar Hostess Empowerment & Support Program (BHESP)

Location: Kenya

Bar Hostess Empowerment & Support Programme (BHESP) is an organization for and by sex workers, women having sex with women (WSW), women using drugs, and bar hostesses in Kenya. BHESP was founded in the year 1998 by a group of women as an association to advocate for their rights and recognition.

Cadre de Récupération et d'Encadrement pour l'Epanouissement Intégral des Jeunes (CREEIJ)

Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Cadre de Récupération et d’Encadrement pour l’Epanouissement Intégral des Jeunes (CREEIJ) has a mission to “Contribute to the emergence of a culture of human rights, justice and good character among young people”. It was founded in 2011.

Coast Sex Worker's Alliance(COSWA)

Location: Kenya

The Coast Sex Worker’s Alliance (COSWA) is a grassroots Female Sex Worker led organization that works to champion for Human and Health Rights of sex workers at the Coastal region of Kenya. COSWA has a diverse membership of sex workers from all the six counties of the Coastal region. Their goals are to oppose legal oppression, to promote education and well-being, and to speak out about violence against sex workers.

Initiative for Young Women’s Health and Development (IY-WHAD)

IY-WHAD logo

Location: Nigeria

Initiative for Young Women’s Health and Development (IY-WHAD) is a community-based organization that focuses on working with marginalized women, in promoting their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights through, strategic engagement, effective education and Policy influencing.

Kenya SW Alliance (KESWA)

Location: Kenya

The Kenya SW Alliance (KESWA) is an umbrella body of the sex worker-led groups and organizations. It exists to strengthen the voices of male, female, and transgender sex workers and to advocate for their health and human rights.

Kiambu Sex Workers Association (KIASWA)

Location: Kenya

The Kisumu Sex Work Alliance (Kiswa) is a feminist organization advocating for the rights of sex workers based out of Kisumu.

Kisumu Sex Work Alliance (KISWA)

Location: Kenya

The Kisumu Sex Work Alliance (Kiswa) is a feminist organization advocating for the rights of sex workers based out of Kisumu.

Mothers for the Future (M4F)

Location: South Africa

Mothers for the Future (M4F) is a program of SWEAT. The program that began in 2013, which supports mothers who do sex work by providing a safe place to meet, organize, and access support as well as to build skills and share knowledge. M4F utilizes a holistic approach to address these issues women sex workers face.

Nigeria Sex Workers Association (NSWA)

Location: Nigeria

The Nigeria Sex Workers Association (NSWA), also known as Precious Jewels, is an umbrella, network of community-based organizations of sex workers and led by sex workers. NSWA is a non-government, non-profit organization focusing on health, social and human rights of sex workers.

Organization of Social Change in Indonesia (OPSI)

Location: Indonesia

The Organization of Social Change in Indonesia (OPSI) is Indonesia’s national sex worker network. OPSI represents female, transgender, and male sex workers working across all areas of the sex industry. Founded in 2009 with the aim of fulfilling the constitutional rights of sex workers as citizens, eliminating the stigma against sex workers, encouraging the full and meaningful involvement of sex workers in HIV-AIDS prevention to the level of policy-making regarding employment and sex worker life.

Parlons Sida Aux Communautaires (PASCO)

Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo

PASCO’s mission is to contribute to the reduction of the transmission of HIV/AIDS and the medical treatment of STIs of vulnerable groups including sex workers by helping them improve their physical, mental and social health.

Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH)

Location: International

The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH) is a multi-constituency partnership hosted by the World Health Organization and chaired by Graça Machel. PMNCH seeks to achieve universal access to comprehensive, high-quality reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health care.


Location: Latin America and the Carribean

La Red de Mujeres Trabajadoras Sexuales de Latinoamérica y El Caribe (RedTraSex) is an organization founded in 1997 that is comprised of organizations located throughout Latin America. They stand to fight discrimination against sex workers and advocate for their right to work.

Rhythm of Life

Location: Uganda

Rhythm of Life is a non-profit organization formed in 2013. Currently, they run health outreaches in the red light districts of Kampala for HIV-positive sex workers. Their goal is to build a permanent health cafe in Kampala for these women who have and are facing stigma and exclusion from healthcare. They want to bring an end to the cycle of mother-to-daughter prostitution. They have created a sponsorship program to support the daughters of sex workers with education and professional healthcare training. Most importantly, through their economic empowerment initiatives, more women will eventually be able to independently support their daughters through school.

Royal Women Health and Rights Initiative

Location: Nigeria

Royal Women’s Health Initiative is a community-led organization that focuses on the health and Rights of female sex workers RWHRI came to being to support other female sex workers as a result of too much stigma and discrimination surrounding sex work and also the Health of female sex workers. The organization has worked in different capacities in Nigeria with different IPsin Nigeria in the area of Human rights and sex workers ‘health.


Location: India

Swasti is a non-profit health organization that was established in 2003, with a focus on achieving public health outcomes for those who are socially excluded and poor. They are a niche service provider in the public health sector, delivering end-to-end solutions as well as short and long term support and facilitation, combining research and practice. They known for implementing focused initiatives for marginalized communities.


Location: South Africa

SWEAT has a 20-year history in organizing sex workers, advocating for and delivering services to South African Sex Workers. We have facilitated birth of two movements: a Pan African Alliance of sex workers (African Sex Worker Alliance) and a national movement of sex workers called Sisonke. SWEAT uses an evidence informed human rights based approach to address sex workers’ health.

SWOP Ambassadors

Location: Kenya

SWOP Ambassadors is a sex worker-run, multicultural Organization which was formed in 2014. They are based in Nairobi and work at the local and national levels. SWOP ambassadors advocates for universal access to friendly HIV/AIDS and sexual & reproductive health services. Their mission is to bring awareness to stand against violence against sex workers, oppose human rights abuses, and challenge unfriendly laws.